Affordable hands-free scanning has arrived

19 Nov Affordable hands-free scanning has arrived

The brand new EVO Omni presentation scanner delivers rapid 2D scanning capabilities at an amazing value. Ideal for high volume scanning where both hands-free mode and the ability to pick up the scanner for larger items is needed. In stock and available now!

“The EVO Omni is an exciting new addition to our complete POS product line. Due to increased demand from our customer base as well as the fact that many customers are wanting to future-proof their business by adding the ability to read digital 2D barcodes, we decided to develop and bring to market a 2D presentation scanner“ stated Mark Dunlop VP of Sales.

“We built the EVO Omni from the ground up utilizing an extremely aggressive scan engine while retaining a category-leading price point. This makes it an easy decision to upgrade from a 1D handheld to a 2D presentation scanner and adding hands-free omni-directional operation, license and mobile device scanning. As with all POS-X products the EVO Omni comes with a 3 year 2 day advanced replacement warranty at no additional charge.”

While brand new to the market, the EVO Omni has already proven itself successful in a pre-launch rollout into in a large Canadian-based pizza chain.