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Our highly skilled tech support agents can remotely access any computer or POS terminal connected to the internet to troubleshoot your problems. You must first call 360.302.2222 to speak to an agent and open a Remote Login session.

By requesting and allowing remote support of your computer within your care, you hereby release POS-X LLC and any of its employees that may or may not directly influence the activities of the device from any and all liability including but not limited to: failure of the device; corruption of any data on the device; a virus, spyware, or any other malicious intent software appearing on the machine; the machine performing slowly or erratically (compared to previous use); any activities which may require a third party computer service or IT company becoming involved to repair any or all changes that may result whether directly or indirectly related to the remote support provided by POS-X LLC Furthermore, you hereby understand that this remote support is provided as a courtesy to support POS-X LLC’s products and is in no way a guaranteed service, or guaranteed to rectify your issue or for whatever reason the remote support was suggested or requested.

Support & Repair Requests

In order to send in your defective/faulty hardware for repair or replacement, you will need a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.


If your product is no longer covered under warranty, repair fees may apply. The fees are determined once the defective/faulty product has been received by our RMA department. You will be contacted via email or phone with a quote before any work is done for your approval.

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Warranty Information

POS-X already offers award winning warranty service backed with FREE 2-Day Advance Exchange service, however, for those seeking even faster replacement service or longer warranties, you are in luck!


POS-X Extended Service Plans can expand our manufacturer’s limited warranty with easy-to-use service levels that help you make the most of your technology investment. Choose from various Extended Service Plan options at the same time you purchase your POS-X products to maximize your coverage.


Because POS-X offers different warranty lengths on their products, it is suggested that you check the individual product page for the actual warranty length.

Should a product be found to be defective, POS-X will repair or replace it with a functionally equivalent unit using the customers choice of one of the following options:

  • 2-Day Advance Exchange

In the unlikely event of a hardware failure due to manufacturer defect, POS-X provides a 2-Day Advance Exchange to minimize the downtime you face with equipment failure. POS-X will ship the equipment via 2-Day Shipping prior to receiving the defective unit. Custom-brand hardware excluded. *

  • Depot Repair

The POS-X Depot Repair provides customers with the opportunity to send their product to POS-X so that our trained technicians may repair it and get you up and running in no time. In most cases, we process and complete the repair in only one to two business days.*

*Please see our full terms and conditions

Our warranty extensions will allow you to extend the standard warranty life of your POS-X product for an additional two years. This extension may be purchased at anytime before the warranty expires on your product. Please view our full terms and conditions for details.

The table below outlines the SKU’s and Product covered under each warranty extension.

ZWE-BMP2-Year Warranty Extension, Scanner/MSR/Pole Display
ZWE-CRW2-Year Warranty Extension, Cash Drawer/Printer
ZWE-TMC2-Year Warranty Extension, Monitor/Computer
ZWE-TPC2-Year Warranty Extension, POS Terminal
ZWE-TBL1 Year Warranty Extension, Tablets

Our warranty upgrades allow you to upgrade from 2-Day Advance Exchange to Next Business Day Advance Exchange for the life of your warranty.

With the purchase of an Overnight Exchange, POS-X also provides its customers with Accidental Damage coverage. This Accidental Damage covers unintentional damage that results from: liquid spills; electrical surges; and breakage due to drops, falls, or other collisions. In the event that one of your systems is accidentally damaged, simply contact us directly. Please view our full terms and conditions for details.

The table below outlines the SKU’s and Product covered under each.

ZOE-BMP3Next Business Day Protection, Scanner/MSR/Pole Display
ZOE-CRW3Next Business Day Protection, Cash Drawer/Printer
ZOE-TMC3Next Business Day Protection, Monitor/Computer
ZOE-TPC3Next Business Day Protection, POS Terminal
ZOE-BMP52 Year Warranty Extension + Next Business Day Protection, Scanner/MSR/Pole Display
ZOE-CRW52 Year Warranty Extension + Next Business Day Protection, Cash Drawer/Printer
ZOE-TMC52 Year Warranty Extension + Next Business Day Protection, Monitor/Computer
ZOE-TPC52 Year Warranty Extension + Next Business Day Protection, POS Terminal

The exceptional warranties that POS-X has to offer have no boundaries. Although it may not be possible to offer the same warranties as in the USA and Canada, POS-X strives to provide the best coverage possible. Customer satisfaction with the POS-X product lineup is paramount to our company’s success.

For our detailed Warranty Terms and Conditions for Mexico and the rest of Latin America, please click here.

For our full Warranty Terms and Conditions, please click here.