06 Aug Receipt Printer Virtual COM Driver

Virtual COM Driver for POS-X Receipt Printer. Works on both Thermal and Impact. Operating System Compatibility: Windows 7 or older x86 - Receipt_Printer_Virtual_COM_Driver_7x86.exe Windows 7 or older x64 - Receipt_Printer_Virtual_COM_Driver_7x64.exe Windows 8 x86 - Receipt_Printer_Virtual_COM_Driver_8x86.exe Windows 8 x64 - Receipt_Printer_Virtual_COM_Driver_8x64.exe...

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06 Aug Impact Receipt Printer Driver

Windows Driver for the POS-X Impact Receipt Printers. If you have the printer pictured below, download the Impact Printer Driver. If you have one of the printers pictured below, download the Thermal Printer Driver.   *When updating the driver, please uninstall any existing POS-X Impact Drivers before installing the new version....

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05 Aug EVO TP4-D Motherboard Drivers

IDENTIFY THE MODEL OF YOUR POS TERMINAL. Look on the back of the terminal in the ports area, and you will see a grey/white sticker. (Pictured below.) This will be your part number. For EVO-TP4*-D - Choose the EVO_TP4-D Drivers below. For EVO-TP4*-F*** - Choose the EVO TP4-F Driver Set. For EVO-TP4*-G/H/J/K/L - Choose the EVO_TP4-G Driver Set. For EVO-TP4*-C/P/3 - Choose the EVO_TP4-C Driver Set. For legacy models, please refer to this page. Windows 7 motherboard drivers for the EVO TP4-D all-in-one POS terminals....

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