EMV that’s ready for today

15 Feb EMV that’s ready for today

Leverage the EMV devices you already use today for simple integration with POS-X all-in-one terminals.

EVO TP4 with Augusta Reader

Use one of the most popular MSR/EMV readers on the market, ID Tech’s Augusta Reader with POS-X’s most popular terminal, the EVO TP4.

A simple mounting bracket secures the Augusta Reader to the side of the terminal taking the place of the traditional MSR. Supported by all EVO TP4 models.


ION TP5 Pro with UniPay 1.5

Utilize one of ID Tech’s smallest EMV options, the UniPay 1.5 for a fully integrated look with the ION TP5.

Completely custom housing fully incases the UniPay device, an integrated USB cable provides power and data communication between the payment device and terminal. Supported by all ION TP5 and ION TP5 Pro models.



For customer facing payment applications, use any Ingenico or Verifone payment terminal with a rear mounted SpacePole MultiGrip adapter.

Available for the EVO TP4, the SpacePole mounting system ensures compatibility with your preferred EMV pin pad.

  • TerminalCompatible EMV DevicePOS-X Bracket P/N
    EVO TP4 SeriesID Tech Augusta Reader (all models)EVO-EMV4-AUG1
    ION TP5 SeriesID Tech UniPay 1.5 (IDMR-AB83133S only)ION-EMV514-UNIPAY1
    EVO TP4 SeriesIngenico or Verifone device with matching SpacePole MultiGrip adapter
    (order with SpacePole GEN-SPI105-02)