EVO TP4 Terminal…Now 3x Faster!

End-of-Life Notice

06 May EVO TP4 Terminal…Now 3x Faster!

Everyday software requirements become more and more demanding in both shear processing power and graphics processing requirements. To combat this, POS-X is replacing the Atom D2550 with Intel’s new Celeron J1900 quad core processor as the new entry level processor in POS-X’s flagship EVO TP4 POS Terminal.

The J1900 processor is designed for low energy consumption, allowing this processor to be fanless, while still providing the quad core power today’s applications require scoring a Passmark benchmark of 1,916.

The chart below showcases the difference in processing performance via Passmark’s CPU benchmarking utility:

available while supplies last

available now

This significant performance increase is due to the J1900 being built on Intel’s Baytrail processor microarchitecture and featuring quad core technology.

The EVO TP4 Celeron J1900 is available for order now. For pricing on the new model, call POS-X at 360.302.2222 or one of our distributors. Please see the notification below for End-of-Life milestones of the Atom D2550 models.

End-of-Life Product Notice

EVO TP4 (Atom D2550 Models)

POS-X is initiating the End of Life (EOL) process for the TP4C-D and all of its variations.

POS-X will continue to offer and provide warranty repair for the EOL products three (3) years from the Last Customer Ship (LCS) date announced below for those customers with a valid support contract.

The objective of this announcement is to assist you in making your final purchase of the product subject to EOL, and to help you smoothly transition to the new products by planning the following milestones:

End-of-Life Timeline

Official EOL NoticeDistribution of official notice to the general publicMay 5, 2015
Last Customer Ship DateThe product is no longer for sale after this dateJuly 31, 2015*
End of Service RenewalsLast day to purchase warranty service upgradesAugust 31, 2015
End of Warranty RepairRepair service will be based on product's warrantyAugust 31, 2018
*Date is subject to change. Product will be available while supplies last.

Affected Orderable Part Numbers

The part numbers below only reflect the most frequently purchased part numbers. However, all variations of the TP4C-D are included in this EOL phase.

EOL OPNDescriptionReplacement OPN
EVO-TP4C-D2H215" EVO TP4, Atom 1.86DC, 2GB, 250GB HDD, POSRDY7EVO-TP4C-F4H2
EVO-TP4C-D2H315" EVO TP4, Atom 1.86DC, 2GB, 250GB HDD, WIN7PROEVO-TP4C-F4H3

All warranties on EOL models are honored for the full extent of the warranty period, and include free lifetime support for the product. For more details on the POS-X warranty, please visit pos-x.com/warranty. If you have any questions regarding the End of Life process, please call POS-X Customer Care at 360.302.2222.