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Liberty Laundry: Oklahoma’s Premier Drop-Off and Self-Serve Laundromats


Laundromats are extremely tough on computer hardware, particularly if there are moving parts like fans inside. Even relatively new stores will have lint in the air from dryers which accumulates over time inside a computer’s case. After years of performing quarterly “dusting off” sessions on its aging Point-of-Sale system desktop computers across its three locations in the Tulsa metro area of northeast Oklahoma, Liberty Laundry decided to switch to POS-X’s ION TP5 all-in-one POS computers featuring completely solid-state internals to eliminate this chore.


The sleek styling of the ION TP5 matches Liberty Laundry’s fleet of high-tech stainless steel front-loading washers and dryers perfectly. Liberty Laundry was the first chain of laundromats in the state of Oklahoma to offer credit card acceptance and contactless NFC mobile payments on every washer and dryer. When it was time to upgrade their Point-of-Sale hardware, they turned to Wash-Dry-Fold POS, a company who specializes in POS systems for laundromats.


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Liberty Laundry