Troubleshooting XI3200BT Connectivity

02 Nov Troubleshooting XI3200BT Connectivity

Troubleshooting XI3200BT Connectivity

The first step is to make sure it is properly connected to your computer.

Getting Connected

1.) Plugging the USB cable into the scanner base – This seems like an easy step but we get a lot of calls, regarding partial connections, due to a partially seated cable.  When it is all said and done, the cable, as it connects to the scanner base, in most cases, should actually be inset by approximately 1/16 of an inch.  Meaning, not necessarily flush with the base.  Listen for a click and push the cable in with a generous amount of force.

2)  Windows XP/Vista/7 should immediately detect the new device and begin installing the Bluetooth drivers.  Once you see the Bluetooth icon in the lower right task bar, right-click it and select Add New Device.

3.) The next window that pops up will either be the device list window (Windows Vista/7), or the Add New Hardware wizard (XP).  If XP, place a check mark in the My Device Connected And Ready To Be Detected field and begin holding down the trigger for approximately 5-7 seconds, to insure the device is not in sleep mode.  If running Windows Vista, or 7, skip the check mark step, and just begin holding the trigger down to make detection a little easier.

4.)  Once something populates, it will usually, initially be listed as Keyboard HID Device at first but then, will convert automatically over to Barcode Scanner.  Right-click on the Barcode Scanner and select Properties. Next, select the Services tab and place a checkmark in Drivers For Keyboards, Mice etc.  Click Apply/OK and exit this screen.  Now, you will be back in at the device list window…hit Cancel here, and when prompted, select Finish.  There is no need in clicking Next on this screen, just Cancel from here.

5.) Pull up Notepad and try to scan any barcodes around you e.g. a bottle of water, can of soda, or anything with a barcode.  You should now have output.

If you are still having connectivity issues, please refer to the steps below.

The Windows Bluetooth application can be temperamental.  Often, when you are having a hard time locating a device, stopping the Bluetooth service and restarting it can, improve detection.  In some cases, we have even found the Bluetooth service to have already been stopped and not set to start up automatically.  To check this:

Start Menu > Run (or just type the following in the “Search” field for Windows 7) > services.msc > After clicking OK, you’ll notice a list of services. Navigate to Bluetooth Service.

If the service is currently Started – If the Bluetooth service is already in a Started state and is set to start Automatically, then right-click on the service and select Stop.  After it has been stopped, right-click on the service and select Start to get it started back up again.

The service is currently Stopped – If the service was found to be already be in a stopped status, it is possible it was stopped, due, to a Disabled start up action. If the service is found to be disabled, right-click and select Properties and in the drop down box, select Automatic, then click on the Start service button.

Cannot start service / service keeps disabling at boot – If you are having a hard time starting the service and therefore, are not able to select a start up status for it, it could be that the dependency service Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is disabled and stopped as well.  To check that, simply scroll down the list to Remote Procedure Call and perform the steps above to get it started. If the above does not fix the service related issue, it may be beneficial to refer to Microsoft’s support page for further diagnosing.

Finally, reset the scanner

In conjunction with the above, it may be beneficial to reset the scanner as well.  There is a small hole near where your thumb is while holding the scanner in your right hand. Simply push a paper clip through this hole until you notice the lights turn off on the scanner.  Do not pull the trigger until you are in the Add Bluetooth Device field and it is searching.