Author: Jose Villalta

26 Jul Using Epson OPOS with POS-X Thermal Printer

Note: The printer will need to use a Serial cable or the Virtual COM driver that emulates a Serial port through a USB connection. If you are using a USB cable you will need to install the VirtualCOM driver Once you have that installed and you know what COM port it is using you can proceed to use the Epson OPOS driver To begin you will need to download the Epson OPOS driver You will need to unzip the file. You will need to go to the pathway you selected to find the folder in our example it was saved to the C:\ drive So the pathway is - C:\OPOSADK\V230e\Original\disk1   Run the setup...

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31 Mar Issues installing Touch Utility in Windows 10 64bit.

If, after installing the touch driver and a computer restart, the driver is not recognize and you get an error message like the one below try these couple steps.     You can first try to point the device to the Touch Utility folder.   If that doesn't work head to the pathway below. Find the UTCUSB64 Setup File and highlight it, like in the picture below. Then right click and select install. This will install the driver.   ...

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02 Nov Troubleshooting XI3200BT Connectivity

Troubleshooting XI3200BT Connectivity The first step is to make sure it is properly connected to your computer. Getting Connected 1.) Plugging the USB cable into the scanner base - This seems like an easy step but we get a lot of calls, regarding partial connections, due to a partially seated cable.  When it is all said and done, the cable, as it connects to the scanner base, in most cases, should actually be inset by approximately 1/16 of an inch.  Meaning, not necessarily flush with the base.  Listen for a click and push the cable in with a generous amount of force. 2)  Windows...

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